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Deep Cove Designated Anchorage Area

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Deep Cove is a designated anchorage area (DAA). This allows us to restrict the number of boats that can moor to designated anchor buoys in specific locations and limits the amount of time boats can remain in Deep Cove.

The DAA helps us to safely and effectively manage the concerns associated with long-term, unauthorized boat moorage, including:

  • Safety and security issues
  • Environmental hazards
  • Navigation hazards

Permits to anchor in Deep Cove are now required

Under the terms of the DAA, boats are able to moor in Deep Cove for a maximum of 72 hours within a one-month period after paying a daily anchor fee. Get requirements and apply for a permit.

News & updates

June 23, 2022 — Buoy installation

Designated anchorage area buoys were installed in Deep Cove on June 23 and 24. These buoys allow boat owners visiting Deep Cove to register and pay an anchorage fee to moor for up to 72 hours. 

Summer 2021 — Next steps

We are continuing to work with the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority and Transport Canada on the final steps required to allow us to implement the DAA and allow anchoring in the designated area.

June 14, 2021 — Bylaw adoption 

DNV Council adopted the bylaws for the DAA on June 14.

Read the staff report and associated bylaws

October 2, 2019 — Community information session

To help residents to learn more about how a DAA would work and share feedback, we hosted a community information session on October 2. 

Read the staff report to Council about the Deep Cove anchorage area


Anchoring enforcement

The District has the authority to remove abandoned or uncompliant boats under the terms of the DAA and is working with the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority to provide notice to boats currently moored in the cove without authorization.

This also applies to unauthorized markers or buoys that may have been placed in the water.

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