Seylynn and Bridgman Parks Master Plan

We are creating a master plan for Seylynn and Bridgman parks in order to protect the natural resources of the Lynn Creek Corridor, while creating vibrant, safe, and accessible park amenities for area residents.

Together, the parks offer safe and inclusive access to nature and opportunities for recreation, play, community driven events, heritage recognition and nature appreciation, education and stewardship.

Download the complete Master Plan document (PDF; 35.4 MB)


Objectives of the plan

  • Protect and enhance creek, riparian, and forest habitats
  • Increase opportunities for nature appreciation, interpretation, education, and stewardship
  • Increase access and connectivity within, between, and to the parks, with consideration for active transportation, universal design, parking, and service access
  • Improve opportunities for recreation, play, art, cultural events, and gathering
  • Improve safety and security
  • Provide the opportunity to enjoy Lynn Creek while protecting sensitive ecosystem values
  • Provide opportunities for dog use that respect the ecological  sensitivity
  • Provide an urban treatment, where appropriate, along the south and east sides of Seylynn Park to complement the Lower Lynn Town Centre Plan


Located in the Lower Lynn area of the District, Bridgman and Seylynn parks play an important role in providing diverse park amenities including forested trails, playgrounds, playing fields, a skate bowl, picnic area, and open grass areas for neighbourhood and District residents.

However, with increasing population and pressure on District parks and trails, a review is needed to determine how our parks can be revitalized to effectively serve the needs of current and future residents, while respecting the beautiful and ecologically important river and forest environments..

Roadmap to a sustainable future

Through our Official Community Plan (OCP) policies, we are fulfilling our community's vision of vibrant, sustainable neighbourhoods where everyone is welcomed and valued.

Our many social, environmental, and economic plans are helping us implement those policies.

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