Sports fields

We have an active community with high participation rates in a variety of sports year-round.

To support participation in outdoor activities, we provide many sports fields in parks and recreation facilities across the District that can be used for organized sports and recreation.

Currently, we maintain 33 sports fields that can be booked for games, practices, tournaments and other events. Our field inventory includes:

  • 27 grass fields – soccer, baseball, cricket, air sports (paragliding and model airplane flying)
  • 3 artificial turf fields (ATF) – field hockey, football, ultimate frisbee
  • 3 all-weather (gravel) fields – used for practice

Use the map below to find District parks that have grass, gravel, and artificial turf playing fields. 

Using fields

Individuals, sports organizations or teams who want to play on any grass, artificial turf or all-weather field in the District must confirm a booking with North Vancouver Recreation & Culture.

Book a field 

Adding more fields to meet a growing demand

With ever-increasing participation rates in various organized sports in the District, demand for sports field capacity is growing. In 2022, on average, District fields were booked to approximately 90% of total anticipated use.

To help meet this increased demand for game and practice time, we have been planning and advancing the following sports field development and renewal projects:

Project Description  Status
Argyle ATF (new) A new multi-use regulation-sized field supporting school and community use. Under construction, with anticipated opening in September 2023.
William Griffin ATF (replacement) A high-use ATF due for replacement.  The field will be closed starting from June 26th, 2023, for construction work that will continue throughout the summer. We expect the work to be completed and the field to reopen by the end of fall 2023.
Inter River South ATF (new), replacement washroom building (south) and new washroom building (north) A new multi-use field with upgraded washroom facilities.  New ATF and south washroom estimated to be tender-ready by fall 2023. Construction targeted to begin spring 2024 and be completed summer 2024. New north washroom construction targeted to start summer 2024.
Windsor ATF (replacement) A high-use ATF due for replacement. A shared facility used by SD44 and the community. Design work to begin fall 2023. Construction targeted to begin June 2024, with estimated completion fall 2024.
Gravel field conversions (new) Staff are exploring the feasibility to convert two existing fields to ATFs (locations TBC).  Subject to a feasibility analysis in 2023, concept design(s) and stakeholder consultation will be advanced in 2024.
Handsworth ATF (new)   Under consideration, contingent upon advancing coordinated capital planning and cost-sharing with SD44 and user groups. 


With high participation rates in various organized sports, demand for sports field capacity has been a long-time challenge. In 2009, the District commissioned a Sports Fields Needs Assessment study to better understand these challenges and inform recommendations captured in the subsequent Parks and Open Spaces Strategic Plan (2012).

Review the Parks and Open Spaces Strategic Plan (2012)

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