Gas permit

You need a gas permit to install or repair:

  • gas appliances
  • piping
  • venting

Who can apply

The person doing the gas work – either the registered homeowner or licensed contractor – can apply for the permit, unless the home has a secondary suite.

In homes with secondary suites, only a licensed contractor can apply for a permit.

How to apply

Apply for your permit before work begins. You can apply in person at the District Hall building department counter. 

If you are a licensed contractor, you can also apply online

Are you the registered homeowner?

When you apply, you must submit:

  • schematic drawings
  • a signed statutory declaration form
  • a completed application form

The schematic drawing and declaration form will be reviewed by an inspector before your permit is issued.

Are you the contractor?

You must:

The schematic drawings and application will be reviewed by an inspector before your permit is issued.


Fees for gas permits are calculated:

  • per appliance
  • per vent
  • by piping length
  • by kw (for commercial work)

Get complete details in the fees and charges bylaw

Documents, forms, checklists

Get your work inspected

Much of the work you do with permits requires a follow-up inspection. It is your responsibility (or your contractor's) to arrange for all inspections at the right time.

You can request your building and mechanical inspections online (with the exception of electrical).