Child care grant program

We provide grants to registered non-profit child care providers who are located in the District, or who provide a unique service on the North Shore that benefits District families.

Grant applicants should be innovative, enhance childcare, and address our child care priorities, which are determined by the Childcare Grants Committee each year.

Download the 2022 Child Care Grants Program fact sheet

How to apply

How to apply for a grant

To apply for a grant, complete the expression of interest form at the end of this webpage.

Our committee will review your expression of interest, and if they determine that your proposed project or program meets District priorities, you will be invited to submit a formal application.

This formal application allows the committee to review your project in greater detail and to provide a basis for grant recommendations to Council.

Did you receive a grant in 2021?

If your organization received a child care grant in 2021, you will also need to attach a completed Evaluation and Accountability form to your expression of interest. This form outlines how your last grant was used.

Download the Evaluation and Accountability form

Not sure if your idea fits?

If you have a good idea, but not sure if it fits with our priorities, please get in touch. 

Community Planning Department

Who can apply

Who can apply

To be eligible for a child care grant, your facility must be in the District of North Vancouver, or offer a unique service on the North Shore for District families.

Your organization must also:

  • be a registered non-profit society in good standing with the Registrar of Companies for at least one year, or be sponsored by a registered non-profit society in good standing for at least one year
  • have a volunteer independent governing body
  • extend its services to the general public in the District, and not exclude anyone by reason of race, religion, or ethnic background
  • not act as a funding body or make grants to any other groups or organizations
  • be forming partnerships and seeking monies from other funding sources, or contributing your own funds (money or in-kind) to the project, when appropriate
  • have submitted all accountability forms on time, if previously funded

Our priorities

Our grant priorities

We will give priority to new or innovative proposals that address these issues:

  • Infant/toddler care
  • School age child care (before and after school care) including care for 9-12 year old
  • Flexible and/or non-traditional hours of care
  • Supported child care/Special Needs Care
  • Supports to vulnerable families (not direct financial aid such as bursaries or subsidized care)
  • Caregiver/parent education (priority will be given to organizations that are working collaboratively to serve multiple groups of parents and caregivers within a community)

Complete this expression of interest form to start the grant application process

If you proposal meets our priorities, you will be invited to prepare a formal grant application.

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