Fees for filming

There are mandatory fees for filming on location in the District, plus additional fees that may apply to your specific location.

Listed fees do not include GST.

Fee category Fee is for Amount
Mandatory fees Permit fee per location $265 (GST exempt)
  Youth in film program/production $250 (GST exempt)
  Damage deposit (separate cheque required) $2,500 minimum for commercials and non-broadcast media; 
$5,000 minimum for TV series, feature films, documentaries, 
new media, MOW, etc
Municipal parks (daily rate) Signature parks (examples: Cates, Panorama, Lynn Canyon) $1,640
  Large parks (examples: InterRiver, Princess, Bridgman, Murdo Frazer) $1,061
  Small neighbourhood park $478
  Prep and wrap $240-$849
  Commercial media usage (still photography, corporate, reality tv) $357
  Park fee (half day) $371-$1,060
  Parking $400 per lot per day
DNV municipal owned properties (daily rate) Film days $1,600-$5,000
  Prep and wrap days $800-$2,500
On-street parking or filming Street filming user fee $185 per day
  Per 100 feet of parking per day $70 per 100 feet per day
  Labour and equipment $59 per hour
  Signs (new and lost signs) $16 per sign
  Modification of existing signs $6 per sign
R.C.M.P Per officer $155 each, per hour (minimum 4 hours)
  Sergeant call out $185 per hour (minimum 4 hours)
Fire department Fire officer $183 per officer, per hour (minimum 4 hours)
  Firefighter $151 per fire fighter, per hour (minimum 4 hours)
  Vehicle (example: fire engine) $174 per hour (may change depending on vehicle)
Business licence (GST exempt) Annual fee, current calendar year $30.50
Electrical permit (GST exempt) Annual permit, unlimited locations $832.30
  One location, valid for 90 days from the first day of filming $81.70
  Up to 10 locations Will be provided upon request
Miscellaneous fees Site meeting fee, required for District staff (environment, traffic, parks, etc) $100-$300 per hour
  Film liaison on site supervision $80 per hour
  Fire hydrant use per day $86 (minimum) + utility worker fees
  Water meter for rain towers $210

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