Integrated Stormwater Management Plan

We are developing an Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP) to guide how we deal with stormwater, with the goal of balancing land use and development planning with environmental concerns.

We can reduce the amount of stormwater we direct into our storm sewers by using strategies that encourage natural runoff patterns, allowing water to seep into the ground. This in turn lessens its impact on the environment. 

Details of the plan

What is stormwater?

Stormwater is rainfall that lands on rooftops, driveways, roads and pavement that is diverted to our storm sewer system and into our streams, creeks and rivers. We are developing a new plan for managing stormwater and you can get involved.

How we are developing this plan

We are creating an individual ISMP for each of our watersheds. We will be consulting with the local community to determine what our goals should be for our watersheds, which will guide what our ISMP looks like. For shared watersheds that cross municipal boundaries, we will collaborate with the City of North Vancouver.

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Why do we need to manage stormwater?

Traditionally, managing stormwater meant directing it to our storm sewers and then into our streams, creeks, and rivers.

Over time, the volume of stormwater we’re managing has increased, and has led to: 

  • increased erosion of stream, creek and river bank
  • increased downstream flooding decreased water quality
  • ecological damage and habitat loss