A map illustration of the Maplewood planning area

Maplewood is one of the four Town Centres designated in our Official Community Plan (OCP).

It is a unique place in the District, located close to the waterfront and diverse business and industry, and features an outstanding natural environment and open spaces, including the Seymour River and various creeks, Burrard Inlet foreshore and mudflats, Maplewood Farm, Cutter Island Park, and the Windridge Escarpment.

What's happening
Maplewood Village Centre and area

We're making Maplewood a complete and balanced community that reflects high environmental standards.

Construction worker on a job site
Local development

Find out about rezoning and development applications being considered in your neighbourhood.

Rendering of the new fire and rescue centre in Maplewood
Fire and Rescue Centre

We are planning a new fire and rescue centre in Maplewood.