Starting a child care facility

Child care facilities in the District must comply with both municipal and provincial regulations. Here is a brief overview of the process you will follow to apply to open your child care facility:

  Action What happens
Step 1 You contact North Shore, Vancouver/Coastal Health Authority You will be assigned a licensing officer, who will give you information on licensing a facility and other requirements
Step 2 You complete your background homework
  • Needs assessment
  • Facility and business plan
  • Talk to a building code consultant about any upgrades that will be needed
Step 3 You complete a community care facilities application After reviewing requirements and locating a suitable site, return your application form to North Shore/Vancouver/Coastal Health
Step 4 Licensing officer contacts us The licensing officer informs us of your application and requests that the Building Services Department provide the necessary inspections
Step 5 You apply for a business licence Facilities providing care for two or more children need a business licence from the District. Non-profit providers are exempt from the licence fee.
Step 6 We do inspections and review We will contact you to arrange building, mechanical, and electrical inspections. During inspections, you will be advised if there are any deficiencies you need to address.
Step 7 You get your provincial licence When all provincial and District requirements have been met, you will receive your provincial community care facilities license.

If you are applying for a licence for more than 10 children, a public meeting or public hearing will be required, as outlined in the Child Care Facilities Business Regulation Bylaw.

Get more details of the process and requirements

For complete details of how to apply, download our childcare facility guide. It includes:

  • a complete set of requirements, including information about zoning and building codes
  • more details of the application and approval process
  • the contact information you will need
  • details of public meetings you may need to attend

Establishing a Childcare Facility Within the District of North Vancouver

Childcare Facilities Regulation Bylaw 6724

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