Upper Capilano

Map showing the boundaries of Upper Capilano in North Vancouver District

Covering the slopes beneath Grouse Mountain, and defined by thick stands of mature evergreens in the ravines containing the Capilano River, and Mackay and Mosquito Creeks, Upper Capilano commands the northwest corner of the District.

This area is known for its quiet windy roads and easy access to our network of forest trails, and it is home to several renowned tourist attractions, as well as the area’s commercial and community heart in Edgemont Village.

The Upper Capilano area is bounded to the south by the TransCanada Highway and to the east by the Delbrook/Upper Lonsdale community, and it includes the Grousewoods, Cleveland, Canyon Heights, Handsworth, Highlands and Edgemont neighbourhoods.

What's happening
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Local development

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Cars driving through the centre of Edgemont Village
Edgemont Village refresh

The Edgemont Village refresh is an opportunity to highlight its distinct identity, enhance its commercial core, and improve its public space.

New Delbrook recreation centre
New Delbrook Rec Centre

The new Delbrook Community Recreation Centre will be a dynamic hub for health and wellness, recreation, arts and culture, and community gatherings.