Apply for a development variance permit

Occasionally, it may be necessary to alter (vary) the zoning bylaw to accommodate a project. This is typically only if you're renovating an existing non-conforming building, or you're building on a particularly challenging lot.

In these instances, you need to get a Council-approved development variance permit.

Step What happens What you need
1. Application Submit your detailed development application to the planning department
2. Public input Staff circulate your application for public input  
3. Respond and revise Depending on comments received from staff, local residents, and advisory agencies, you may be asked to modify your submission. Be prepared to revise and amend your drawings
4. Council considers permit Following notification and review of the staff report, Council either authorizes the variance permit, tables it for further discussion, or rejects it.  

How long does it take?

The development variance permit process takes about four months to complete. This amount of time is required for staff analysis, community consultation, and referrals to neighbours. If revisions are required to plans to address neighbours' concerns, the process can take considerably longer. We advise you to discuss your proposal with adjacent property owners before you submit your application.


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Our zoning, development permit area, and other guidelines help guide growth and development in the District, ensuring it is done in a sensitive and coordinated manner.

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