Aquatic permit

You need an aquatic permit to do any work within a stream corridor, waterfront, or in a wetland. This includes removing vegetation.

Who can apply

The homeowner or person doing the work can apply for the permit.

How to apply

You must apply for your permit before the work begins. For your convenience, please submit your application by email.

Here's how:

  1. Complete the enviornmental aquatic permit application form (below) |
  2. Email the completed form, and any other required documents (listed below), to
  3. We will process your application, and then email you a link to pay the application fee by credit card
  4. Once we receive your payment, we will send you your permit

If you do not wish to apply by email, you can drop off your application in person at the District Hall for processing. 

Supporting documents 

You will also need to provide a number of supporting documents, including:

  • detailed drawings or plans clearly describing the proposed structures, materials, and type of construction
  • a detailed description of any existing structures near the proposed structure or area of work
  • a detailed drawing or plan clearly describing any area where you will remove rock, gravel, or soil
  • the reason and purpose of the work
  • the name of your contractor, if any
  • the time required for completion in calendar days
  • an environmental impact assessment prepared by a person qualified to give authoritative opinions
  • a copy of any applicable federal or provincial approval

A full list of requirements is available in the environmental protection bylaw


The cost of an aquatic permit is $326.40.

Documents, forms, checklists

Environmental aquatic (waterfront) permit application form