Deep Cove Parking and Access

Deep Cove is a unique and beautiful place that attracts visitors from around the world. While the number of visitors and special events in Deep Cove continues to increase, the community's capacity to accommodate those visitors remains unchanged.

Concerns over parking and access in Deep Cove peaked in 2013 as the use of local trails and the popularity of Deep Cove as a tourist destination increased significantly.

Summer parking and access — We have introduced a number of parking and access improvements in Deep Cove this summer to improve traffic and access, and make the area safer for everyone. Learn about our improvements

Solving the parking and access challenge

To help us understand the challenges, we started by conducting a technical study and public opinion survey. We also held a focus group with village businesses.

Informed by the results of these studies, we partnered with the SFU Centre for Dialogue to host a community deliberative dialogue. For this dialogue, we invited affected stakeholders to join us for a day-long collaborative working session. This session, which took place on February 21, 2015, led directly to a made-in-Deep-Cove parking and access implementation plan. Council approved the plan on April 27, 2015.

Review the Deep Cove Parking and Access Implementation Plan 

Highlights from the plan

Actions identified in the plan include:

  • Maximize the use of overflow parking lots
  • Review the rules and solutions for Panorama Drive parking
  • Investigate the use of pay parking
  • Optimize regulations and improve street use in the village core
  • Provide parking management coordination for special events

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