Defer paying your taxes

To assist qualifying homeowners in paying annual property taxes on your principal residence, the Province of British Columbia offers a low-interest loan program: the Property Tax Deferment program.

To make it faster, easier, and more efficient to apply for property tax deferment, you can now apply directly on the Province of BC website, effective May, 2020. We will no longer be accepting deferment applications.

Program types

There are two deferment programs available, depending on your personal situation: a regular program, and a program for families with children.

1. Regular tax deferment program

This program could be for you if you are:

  • a registered owner of the property and are 55 or older
  • a surviving spouse of any age
  • a person with disabilities

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2. Families with children tax deferment program

This program could be for you if you:

  • are a registered owner of the property
  • have a minimum equity of 15% of the property's assessed value
  • are financially supporting a child under 18 or a child at any age attending an educational institution

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Avoiding penalties

Did you know that if your application to defer your taxes is rejected by the Province, you will be assessed a penalty of up to 10% of the amount deferred?

Make sure you understand all of the requirements before you submit your application, to avoid paying an unnecessary penalty.

Equity requirements

The registered value of your mortgage, line of credit, or other registered charges plus your current year taxes cannot exceed:

  • 75% of your home's assessed value (Regular program)
  • 85% of your home's assessed value (Families with Children program)

Check with your financial institution

Before you apply for deferment, please check with your financial institution to confirm:

  • The registered value of your mortgage or line of credit, as it is often higher than the amount you owe
  • Whether they will allow the Province to register a lien after their charge, as not all financial institutions do

Penalties may also apply in these circumstances

  • If you sell your home, subdivide, refinance, or change owners before your deferment is approved, it may be canceled and penalties may apply
  • If you cancel or withdraw your application for any reason after the property tax due date
  • If you are found ineligible for the program after the property tax due date 

How to apply

Before you apply

Before applying for tax deferment on the Province of BC website, make sure you:

How to apply

Once you have completed the requirements and confirmed you are eligible to defer your taxes, you can apply online with the Province of BC. Look for the option to auto-renew.

Don't wish to apply online? You can request a paper application form by calling 1-250-387-0555 (or 1-888-355-2700). You must submit your paper application directly to the Province of BC at the address indicated on the form.  Auto-renewal is not offered when submitting a paper application.

Already in the program?

If you are already enrolled in the tax deferment program and you wish to continue to defer your property taxes, before the tax due date, you must:

You must submit your application directly to the Ministry of Finance by the tax due date to avoid penalties of up to 10% of your current year's taxes.

Information on how to continue to defer your property taxes along with your annual statement of account will be distributed by the Province in May.