Fern Street and Mountain Highway

A development permit has been issued for Phase 2 of the Seylynn Village project.

The development permit application included:

  • two buildings with heights of six and 28 storeys
  • 240 residential units and 70 affordable rental units
  • 1,300 square feet of ground floor commercial space
  • 2,700 square feet of childcare space
  • private recreation facility

Current status and progress updates

February 14, 2017 — Construction update

Construction of Phase 2 (Buildings A and D) began in the fall of 2015. The affordable rental building (Building D) is expected to be occupied by March, 2017. The condominium tower to the west (Building A) is expected to be occupied by the summer of 2018.

April 27, 2015 — Council issued development permit

Council has issued the development permit for Phase 2 of this project and construction is expected to begin in the fall of 2015. Development permits cover building design, streetscape, public space and environmental protection (if required).  

Additional proposal details, including site plan and overview

Site overview

The site is

  • part of the Seylynn Village project north of Fern Street and east of Mountain Highway
  • approximately 5.5 acres (2.2 hectares)

Current zoning

The site was rezoned to Comprehensive Development Zone 67 (CD67) on December 12, 2012.

The proposed Phase 2 development is in accordance with the objectives for Lower Lynn Town Centre in the District's Official Community Plan (OCP), and with the site's CD67 zoning.

Proposed size

The floor space ratio proposed for the entire Seylynn Village development is approximately 3.2 over the area of the site under redevelopment. (Floor Space Ratio, or FSR, is the ratio of the building area, divided by the site area – a 10,000 square foot building sitting on a site of 10,000 square feet has a Floor Space Ratio of 1.0).

Project background

Development of Seylynn Village was approved by District Council in December of 2012 to allow for a mixed-use, high density development of up to 790 homes.

The property is divided into four development parcels and Phase 1 is currently under construction at the south-east corner of the site (Lot 1)

Photos, drawings, renderings, documents


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