Cycling infrastructure improvements

We are working to provide a safe, comfortable, and convenient bicycle environment that encourages people of all ages and abilities to use bicycles for everyday transportation and leisure.

Cycling improvement projects in the District

Cycling infrastructure investments attract grant funding from TransLink and the province. Recent improvement projects include:

Mt. Seymour Parkway bike lanes 

We widened the bridge over Seymour River to add bike lanes in both directions, and a multi-use path. This route forms part of the Seymour River Greenway route, which will connect to the future Spirit Trail in Maplewood.

Nancy Greene bike lanes

We installed an uphill bike lane and downhill shared bike lane between Grousewoods Drive and Grouse Mountain to help cyclists reach Grouse Mountain, a prime recreation area.

Welch Street bike lane

We installed on-street bike lanes along Welch Street from Whonoak Road to Garden Avenue to connect the Spirit Trail to 1st Avenue on-street bike lanes.

Highland Boulevard northbound and southbound

We installed bike lanes northbound and southbound along Highland Boulevard, between Belmont Avenue and Wavertree Road. 

West Queens Road eastbound

We installed a bike lane eastbound along West Queens Road, between Woodbine Drive and the new Delbrook Community Recreation Centre.

This bike lane connects to the existing lane in front of New Delbrook, and is the next piece of what will eventually be a continuous bike lane along this stretch of Queens Rd, which is identified in our Transportation Plan as a site for on-street bike infrastructure.

Why invest in cycling infrastructure?

Providing infrastructure benefits all road users. 

User Benefit


  • More parking available
  • Road space is freed up — one bike is one less car on the road
  • Fewer delays for emergency vehicles
  • Bikes in dedicated lanes make it easier for motorists to navigate roads


  • Bike lanes separate walkers from cars
  • Less vehicle noise
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions


  • Cycling integrates well with transit


  • Motorists pay more attention to cyclists when they are in larger groups
  • The more people cycle, the more we're able to provide additional support

While many residents will continue to own vehicles, providing infrastructure for people to walk, bike, or take transit, aligns with our Official Community Plan.

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