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267 & 271 Orwell Street

Terra Housing – on behalf of Sanford Affordable Housing Society in partnership with Hollyburn Family Services Society – has applied to develop a six-story building with 90 units of below-market housing and 68 parking spaces on this District owned land, which will be leased to the housing operator. Project development funding will be provided by BC Housing.

3015 - 3059 Woodbine Drive

Omicron Development Inc has applied to redevelop this property. The application as submitted proposes 20 owned apartments and 8 commercial units in a three-storey building with 65 parking spaces.

3155 & 3175 Canfield Crescent

Canfield Crescent Development Inc has applied to redevelop this property. The application as submitted proposes eight owned townhomes in four two-storey buildings with rooftop decks, and underground parking for 16 vehicles.

328 & 332 Seymour River Place

Integra Architecture Inc. has applied to develop a six-storey building with 51 market rental apartments and 4 non-market rental apartments, and parking in an underground parkade and at ground level for 47 vehicles and 67 bicycles.

3288 Brookridge Drive and 1135-1147 Ridgewood Drive

Domus Homes has applied to redevelop this property. The application as submitted proposes 12 owned townhomes with 27 parking spaces.

3382, 3386, 3396 Gaspe Place & 3374, 3380 Mount Seymour Parkway

Gaspe Project Limited Partnership has applied to redevelop this property. The application as submitted proposes 44 owned townhomes in eight three-storey buildings, with 85 parking spaces (74 for residents, 11 for visitors) in an underground parkade.

340 Mountain Highway, 1515-1537 Rupert Street

Council voted to approve the rezoning and issue the development permit for this project on September 24, 2018.​ The project includes 26 owned townhomes in a five-storey building with 47 parking spaces. ​

3568 and 3572 Mount Seymour Parkway

DF Architecture has applied to develop this property. The application as submitted proposes eight owned townhomes in a mix of three- and four-storey buildings, with laneway access and 18 parking spaces.

3700-3718 Edgemont Boulevard

Ryan Deakin has applied to relocate an existing heritage fourplex on the site, and then adding either an additional 25 duplex homes (for a total of 29 homes) plus 40 parking stalls in an underground parkade, or an additional 33 row homes (for a total of 37 homes) plus 51 parking stalls in an underground parkade,

405-485 Marie Place

Engage Architecture has applied to redevelop this site and a portion of the District road allowance, subject to Road Closure Bylaw processes. The application as submitted proposes 140 owned apartments in two six-storey buildings with 161 parking spaces (147 resident and 14 visitor).


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