Supporting electric vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) contribute to improved health and air quality by reducing harmful carbon emissions. We encourage the use of EVs as part of our overall plan to build a sustainable transportation network in the District.

To encourage the development of a comprehensive recharging network, we have installed level 2 (240v) charging stations at District Hall. We have also established a policy to encourage EV charging infrastructure in all new District developments.

Electric vehicle requirements for new developments

Our electric vehicle charging infrastructure policy covers multi-family, commercial, and industrial developments, as well as bicycle storage.

Type of Development Requirement
  • 20% of parking stalls EV-ready, wired for level 1 (110v) charging
  • Conduit in place so all stalls can later be wired for level 1 (110v) charging
Commercial and industrial Approximately 10% of parking stalls wired for level 2 (240v) charging. Appropriate amounts of level 1 (110v) and level 2 (240v) charging will be determined based on:
  • Proximity to regional roads and highways
  • Expected length of stay based on long term land use tenure
Bicycle storage All secure bicycle storage must include level 1 (110v) electric outlets for electric bicycle charge

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