Heritage Strategic Plan

We are developing a Heritage Strategic Plan for the long-term management of our heritage homes, structures, parks, landscape features, and community spaces. 

The plan will reflect our community’s vision for heritage conservation, help us identify and evaluate our important heritage resources, and determine the most effective ways of preserving and protecting them for everyone.

News and updates

Work we've done so far

September 18, 2018 — Stakeholder workshop

 During this workshop, seventeen participants — including heritage property owners, and representatives from not-for-profit organizations, community associations, community organizations and committees — had small group discussions about the draft vision, goals, and actions.

June 27, 2018 — Community Heritage Advisory Committee meeting

We met with the committee to discuss the proposed Heritage Strategic Plan directions for the goals and actions.

April 12-29, 2018 — Online questionnaire

For those who couldn't make our community open house on April 11, we made an online survey available on this page containing the same questions we asked at the open house. We'll report back on what we heard from the online survey at a later date.

April 11, 2018 — Community open house

We held a public open house, and encouraged residents to drop by and tell us what heritage meant to them, and how  we should be conserving and celebrating it. We'll use that input to shape our new Heritage Strategic Plan.

March 28, 2018 — Community Heritage Advisory Committee meeting

We provided a project update and a presentation on potential heritage incentives, for discussion.

November 22, 2017 — Community Heritage Advisory Committee meeting

We met with the committee to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the current heritage program, and their vision for heritage preservation in the District.


The steps we're following to create our plan

To create the new plan, we will be meeting with the public and community partners to gather input. We will also review, analyze, and update our previous Heritage Strategic Plan (completed in 2002), to align with more contemporary approaches to and views of heritage preservation.

The new Heritage Strategic Plan will be completed in three phases:

Plan goals and objectives

By creating this plan, we hope to:

  • expand our community's awareness of and appreciation for our diverse history
  • encourage residents, local community groups, business owners, governments, and others to get involved in helping preserve our heritage
  • gain enhanced tools to enable improved preservation of our shared history

How we'll all benefit from a heritage plan

With a well-managed heritage program in place, we can:

  • retain more of our community’s unique physical heritage
  • celebrate historical events and traditions
  • conserve a broad range of historical sites that support other objectives, such as tourism development and education
  • help owners of heritage properties retain them
  • invest in heritage sites through community, private industry, or senior government partnerships
  • generate employment opportunities and other economic benefits

How you can get involved

We will provide opportunities for you to have your say at key milestones throughout the project. To receive regular updates, you can submit your email address using the form on this page, or follow us on Twitter (#DNVheritage).


Why we are developing a strategic plan for heritage

Past heritage initiatives in the District have successfully identified, protected, and celebrated many of our area's significant heritage resources, including buildings, landscape features, and structures.

However, over time, external forces such as ongoing development pressures, rising land and construction costs, and changing neighbourhoods, have put a number of heritage resources at risk.

At the same time, how we think of 'heritage' has evolved, and we now recognize community heritage values as the basis of heritage management. 

To continue to preserve and protect our community history as effectively as possible, we need to focus and prioritize our heritage initiatives.

An overview of our history

Documents (drafts, policies, Council reports)

Stay in touch with the Heritage Strategic Plan

If you're interested in the Heritage Strategic Plan, please leave us your name and email address, and we'll let you know whenever we have new information to share, or opportunities for you to get involved. 

We respect your privacy, and will not share your personal information with anyone, or contact you by email for any other reason then to send you updates on this plan.

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Preserving our heritage

Ensuring we have a clear sense of identity and place — and a legacy that links our past, present, and future — is one of the objectives of our Official Community Plan.