Ross Road bridges and infrastructure

We are replacing two timber bridges in the 1300 block of Ross Road. The bridges are reaching the end of their lifespans, and have limited capacity. At the same time, crews will take this opportunity to upgrade the watermain, storm sewer, and sanitary sewer system on Ross Road (between Mountain Highway and Allan Road).

Work also includes repaving the road, installing new sidewalks on both sides of the street, and adding new street lighting to increase pedestrian safety, including a button-activated flashing crosswalk at Allan Road. Creek enhancements will improve stability and the overall habitat.

To minimize the amount of disruption to the neighbourhood, this work will be done simultaneously. Work will begin in summer 2019 and be completed by spring 2021.

Traffic impacts

Managing traffic impacts during construction

Due to its proximity to Lynn Valley Town Centre, Ross Road is a designated collector route. It is also designated as a safe route to Ross Road Elementary School.

As a result, this project will require significant traffic management planning. To maintain access for pedestrians, people on bikes, and local traffic, one lane westbound will remain open throughout the project.

As work progresses, we will keep this section updated with information about upcoming detours and other traffic and access impacts.

Road closures

Eastbound traffic on Ross Road will be temporarily closed during construction. The westbound lane will remain open.

Alternate routes

Project details

Area of work

Construction schedule

Work is scheduled to begin in early July 2019. The majority of work will be completed by the end of fall 2020.

Project scope

  • Bridges — Replacement of two aging timber bridges at Coleman Creek and Hastings Creek
  • Sidewalk — Complete roadway reconstruction, including a new sidewalk on the north side of Ross Road
  • Utilities —  Reconstruction of watermain, sanitary and storm sewers, and construction of a new sanitary sewer pump station
  • Pavement — Full pavement reconstruction
  • Creek — Channel improvements

Bike lanes are not within the scope of this project, but may be considered in a future revision of the Bike Master Plan (BMP).

Project background

Our Asset Management Plan (AMP) for Bridges identifies the Ross Road bridges as priorities for replacement. The sidewalk replacement is identified as a high priority in our Pedestrian Master Plan and the route is well-used by children walking to and from Ross Road Elementary school. 

Drawings, photos

The final product may not appear exactly as pictured.