Temporary use permits

Temporary use permits are issued when the proposed use for a property is not permitted under the existing zoning.

Here are the temporary use permit applications currently under consideration:

1920-1932 Glenaire Drive

PC Urban Glenaire Holdings 2 has applied to allow a temporary gravel parking lot to accommodate visitors of the adjacent Holland Row Phase 1 development's presentation centre.

For further information, contact Holly Adams, Planning Assistant, at 604-990-3733 or adamsh@dnv.org.

3430-3482 Capilano Road

Capilano Suspension Bridge has applied to allow approximately 80 additional parking spaces in their surface parking lot for three years.

Other upgrades include:

  • a new northbound left-turn lane leading into existing bus parking lot (west side of Capilano Rd)
  • a new northbound right-turn lane leading into existing visitor parking lot (east side of Capilano Rd)
  • replacement of on-street mini-coach parking with pick-up and drop-off area