Fromme Mountain recreational parking and staging

We are building a new parking lot and staging area for Mount Fromme trail users with off-street parking for 75 vehicles, water bottle fill stations, and bike washing stations.

The new parking lot and staging area for Mount Fromme trail users includes:

  • off-street parking for 75 vehicles
  • restoration planting
  • water bottle fill stations
  • bike washing stations
  • area map signs

News and updates

Recent progress with this project

July 31, 2015 - Parking and staging area is complete and open

Construction is complete and the parking and staging area is open. Over the next few weeks we'll install wood fencing and the trail signage/information kiosk. This fall we'll complete the restoration planting, trail connection improvements, and install the bike wash.  

June 2015

Construction is almost finished. Look for the new parking lot and staging area to be open this summer.

January/February, 2015

Tree removal was completed in late January/early February in order to avoid disrupting the bird nesting season.

January 17, 2015

Over 60 volunteers joined District staff to rescue and replant nearly 600 shrubs from the project site to various locations throughout the District. Our thanks to the North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA), Lynn Valley Community Association (LVCA), Stream Keepers, Bowser Trail Group, and the local Scouts for their help.


Benefits of the new parking lot

  • Relocates recreational parking off residential streets and neighbourhoods into dedicated parking and staging areas
  • Reduces recreational vehicles parked on roadways, which causes traffic congestion, noise, and conflict with residents and private driveways
  • Provides a safe staging and parking area for people to gather and prepare for their hikes and rides
  • Provides a location for staging special trail events
  • Provides us the opportunity to more effectively manage recreational parking at the trail heads
  • Integrates traffic calming and traffic control measures

How we're protecting the local environment

We have hired a certified environmental monitor to monitor the project over the duration of construction. As well, we have adopted these strategies:

  • Replanting — We have developed a robust replanting plan to make up for tree loss and enhance the existing native vegetation in the forest
  • Wildlife habit — We are taking care to work within bird nesting windows. We will conduct a raptor nest survey in all forested areas within 100m of the site. Wood debris and hazard trees will be reincorporated into the area to enhance bird habitat
  • Stormwater management — The parking lot surface will be gravel (for natural filtration), and a stormwater drainage bioswale will capture uphill water flow
  • Invasive species removal — We will remove invasive species along the new parking lot and road
  • Biodiversity enhancement — We will thin some trees to allow more light to penetrate the forest floor, to promote growth of newly planted native trees and vegetation

Managing traffic during construction

We have a traffic management plan in place to help minimize disruptions during construction. However, you should still expect some delays.

We apologize for any inconvenience this work may cause, and thank you for your patience as we complete this important work.


Get more details of this project

Learn more about this project, including the transportation, parking, and environmental information, and view details of the design, by downloading the materials from our pubic open house.


There are 62 kilometers of trails in this recreational area, and use — by both mountain bikers and hikers — has increased steadily in recent years. There is now a need for more parking around trailheads.

Work we did leading up to this project

This project is the result of years of working in and studying this area. It balances our need to provide fair and reasonable access to our public lands, with our desire to protect the quiet character of local neighbourhoods.

The results of a previous transportation and parking study, and a separate environmental impact study, have identified the current drop-off area at the base of Mount Fromme (near the water towers) as the best site for the off-road parking and staging area.