Fromme Mountain trails

Tens of thousands of people across the Metro Vancouver region and around the world visit the Fromme Mountain area, and those visitor numbers are increasing each year. We are working to preserve the beauty and safety of the trails.

A more complete picture of our mountain trails

The Fromme Mountain Environmental Assessment Report (2015) by Diamondhead Consulting provides us with baseline information about the state of the trails from a scientific and environmental perspective.

This gives us an evidence-based starting point from which to monitor and measure the trail system and the mountain ecosystem over the coming years. It will also help us decide where to focus resources in order to have the greatest benefit and impact.

This report is one in a suite of studies and reports that provide us with a more complete picture of the health of our mountain trail network.

Download the complete Fromme Mountain Trails Environmental Assessment (10MB)

Next steps

We are reviewing the recommendations in the Environmental Assessment Report and will propose elements for implementation later this year as part of the 2016 Capital Planning process.

We will also develop a public outreach program, to help people better understand the fragility of the ecosystem and  the benefits to the environment of staying on authorized trails.

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