Bicycle Master Plan

The Bicycle Master Plan guides the implementation of programs and projects that will contribute to an overall North Vancouver bicycle network.

A joint project of the District and City of North Vancouver, the plan is helping us schedule and design bicycling infrastructure for the next decade and beyond, by highlighting the priority areas identified through consultation with the public.

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The goals and objectives of the plan align with the City and District’s respective visions for a North Shore network cycling.

Plan goals

Establish a bicycle network that strengthens community connections and improves safety

How we will reach this goal:

  • Establish a bicycle network that provides safety routes
  • Provide a logical network that accommodates both local and regional trips
  • Develop facilities that serve cyclists of all ages and comfort levels

Promote cycling as a key part of a sustainable transportation system

How we will reach this goal:

  • Encourage and support more people to regularly use bicycles to travel within the North Shore and beyond
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles
  • Provide more options for people to get around, reducing car travel and its environmental impact

Plan principles

We established a set of guiding principles, to align with current best practices and policies for cycling networks. These include:

  • The bicycle network should accommodate all cyclists
  • Cyclists should be accommodated on roadways wherever possible
  • Off-street pathways should complement — not replace — on-street bicycle facilities
  • Pathways should form a continuous network
  • The bicycle network should serve all important destinations
  • The quality of the cycling experience is important

Read the complete list of principles in the plan document.

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Download the complete North Vancouver Bicycle Master Plan 2012 

Background studies

A number of studies completed over the past several years helped inform this plan, including:


The first documented Bicycle Master Plan for the City and District of North Vancouver was prepared by staff in 1994, and updated in 1996.

The 2006 update to the Plan was completed by Urban Systems Limited, and involved a substantial level of effort to create the foundation for a new bicycle network for North Vancouver.

Updates to the plan

Typically Bicycle Master Plans require updating periodically to account for changing conditions. As such, bike network improvements should be re-evaluated and reprioritized as improvements are made and cycling networks change. The entire Bicycle Master Plan should be updated within ten years to ensure that other aspects of the plan remain current.

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