Cars, traffic, and safe driving

While our main transportation objective is to increase the number of trips taken on foot, bicycle, or public transit, we are working toward a number of car-related improvements in the District that will benefit all residents.

Our car-related transportation goals for the District

To enhance the sustainability of our transporation network, we will:

  • Use a range of solutions to make the road network as safe as possible, for all road users
  • Manage the existing road network to optimize safety and efficiency, while ensuring the integration of sustainable travel modes into the system
  • Manage road infrastructure in such a way that minimizes impacts on neighbourhoods, improves road safety, and enables the efficient movement of goods and people

Learn more about our transportation goals

We are taking a balanced approach to improving transportation for all residents, regardless of how you like to get around. You can read about our work to make the District an even better place to live, with plentiful options for walking, cycling, transit, and safe driving, in our Transportation Plan.

Read the District's Transportation Plan

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