Deep Cove parking

We are implementing changes to parking in Deep Cove to help address parking challenges in the community.

Parking challenges

Deep Cove experiences annual and seasonal parking pressures due to limited parking supply and high parking demand near popular destinations. Available on-street parking in the Village Core and in parking lots fills quickly during the summer peak season, spilling onto adjacent residential streets.

We are implementing an on-street parking strategy to balance the needs of residents, businesses, and visitors. This strategy applies to over 900 on-street parking spaces shown in the study area below.

A map showing the study area of the Deep Cove parking review and year-round residents only parking, located along Panorama Drive and Rockcliff Road.

Our approach

For most residential streets, a balance of parking tools has been used to encourage vehicle turnover and increase the number of parking opportunities near destinations, protect parking opportunities for residents, and preserve access for guests, care workers, and tradespeople.

The strategy will be implemented gradually over the summer. As part of its implementation, staff will monitor the parking conditions and report back.

Parking tools to manage demand

On-street parking accounts for three-quarters of available public parking spaces and is more than six times the current capacity of existing parking lots. During the peak season, under the new parking strategy:

  • Over 10% of on-street spaces (located primarily in the Village Core) will have 3-hour time limits applicable to all users
  • Approximately 30% of on-street spaces will have 3-hour time limits applicable to all users without a resident exemption
  • Nearly 40% of on-street spaces will be reserved for residents
  • Nearly 20% of on-street spaces will have no time restrictions or resident priority

Learn more about additional parking opportunities or alternative transportation

Most restrictions will be in effect from 8am to 8pm between March 1 and October 31. For select streets, year-round resident parking only (RPO) restrictions will be used (shown in map above).

Supportive measures 

The on-street parking strategy has been designed to make better use of the parking we have by encouraging more people driving to Deep Cove to park for a shorter duration or to travel by walking, cycling, or transit instead.

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