E-bike share program

E-bike share program

After a successful two-year pilot that began in 2021, the e-bike share program on the North Shore will continue as a day-to-day operation. 

E-bike share is a short-term rental program for electric bikes that allows residents and visitors to sign up via mobile app to rent an e-bike from a fleet available at various public locations in North Vancouver and West Vancouver.

Why e-bike share?

In 2021, the three North Shore municipalities collaborated to establish the e-bike share pilot program. This program is supported by Council-approved policies and aligns with the social, environmental, economic, and mobility goals of the three North Shore municipalities.

After a successful pilot period, Councils from all three participating municipalities directed staff to establish a permanent e-bike share operation.

This program provides a cost-effective, environmentally-sensitive transportation option and supports our Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP), which recommends implementing bike share as one measure to help reduce energy emissions.

Pilot milestones

An e-bike program timeline graphic that displays highlights from the programs inception in 2018 to transition from a pilot to day to day operation in 2023.

Pilot highlights

An e-bike information graphic stating: 391,000 km, distance travelled; 156,000, trips completed; 435, e-bikes deployed; 35,000, unique users; 96, Lime Groves; 0, reported serious injuries/crashes, 36,000, vehicles trips replaced.

Statistics from across North Shore, July 2021-August 2023

Contact information

Contact Lime's 24/7 Customer Support directly for any issues, including billing, mis-parked bikes, battery issues, or vandalism.

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Frequently asked questions 

Getting started

Download the Lime App to get started:

An e-bike has an integrated electric motor that adds power to your pedalling, so tackling the hilly terrain on the North Shore is made easier for adults of all ages and abilities.

Watch: How to Ride: Lime e-bike

How do I begin my ride?

Lime offers a tutorial within the Lime app for first-time users. Generally, riders use their smartphone to unlock an e-bike and must return the e-bike to a Lime Grove or designated  locations and secure the built-in bike lock to end the trip.
Learn more on the Lime electric-assist bike website or in the Lime Help Centre.

Where can I ride?

The program encompasses the District, City of North Vancouver and District of West Vancouver, allowing E-bike Share users to travel in geofenced service areas.

Bikes can travel on:

  • Roads
  • Bike lanes
  • Most off-street pathways

Please remember to use extra caution and slow down on pathways and spaces shared with pedestrians. Bikes are not permitted to ride on sidewalks unless allowed by signage.

The North Shore has an extensive network of designated bicycle routes to get to destinations conveniently.  

Download the North Shore Bike Map (2020)

Where can I park?

Almost 100 Lime Groves, designated parking spots for E-bike Share, have been installed across the North Shore. The District currently hosts 23 Lime Groves for users to park their e-bikes, and we are increasing  the number to accommodate rider needs. Check Lime’s app or this map for the locations.

What does a Lime Grove look like?

Lime Groves feature white pavement tape with a bike parking decal or stencil in the centre. When located on-street, they also feature delineators.

How do I end my ride?

Follow the instruction in the app to park the bike and end your trip at designated locations. The parking policies are different across the North Shore municipalities:

District of North Vancouver 

When ending your trip within the DNV, users have the flexibility to park at Lime Groves or in suitable areas that do not obstruct pathways (including sidewalks, travel lanes, bike lanes, doorways, or driveways) such as greenspaces or unrestricted on-street parking lanes.

In-app prompts require photo documentation of proper parking before a trip (and associated payment) can be completed.

City of North Vancouver and District West Vancouver

When you end your trip within CNV and DWV jurisdictions, the app will list all the nearby Lime Groves available for parking.

Users are required to park their bikes at the Lime Groves or are subject to fines. In-app prompts require photo documentation of proper parking before a trip (and associated payment) can be completed.

What are the rules for Limes riders?

Lime riders are required to:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Wear a helmet while riding (riding with helmets is mandatory in B.C. Shared helmets are available on E-bikes, or you can wear your own)
  • Follow biking speed limit (limit speed to 32 km/h, speed will be reduced in slow zones)
  • Ride solo, no doubling up
  • Never drink and ride
  • Follow all provincial rules and North Shore municipalities bylaws

View the Lime Rider Safety webpage

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