E-cargo bikes

As part of our goal to prioritize active transportation initiatives and reduce carbon emissions, we're working to provide residents with more sustainable mobility options including e-bikes and e-cargo bikes. 

According to the 2021 North Shore Transportation Survey Report, over 73% of shopping trips on the North Shore were car-based, with only 1% made by bike or on foot.

With new electric bike technology and improved transportation routes throughout our community, there's more opportunities to replace regular vehicle trips with low-carbon transportation options.

Later in 2024, we'll be launching a pilot program related to e-cargo bikes. 

What is an e-cargo bike?

Electric cargo bikes - also known as e-cargo bikes - are electrified versions of traditional bicycles featuring an integrated cargo compartment or the ability to attach a cargo trailer. 

There are lots of variations in size and design, but all e-cargo bikes are either fully or partially human-powered and can transport cargo, including groceries, freight, or passengers.


We’re working alongside the City of North Vancouver to jointly explore more shared micro-mobility options for residents. A successful e-bike lending program (with no cargo options) has operated on the North Shore since 2021, with a recorded 156,000 trips and user base of over 35,000.


Have questions about e-cargo bikes, our e-bike share program, or want to sign up for updates? Email Brendon James, Transportation Demand Management Coordinator at jamesb@dnv.org

Over the next few months, staff will also be on-site at community centres and libraries to answer your questions and illustrate the transportation options available on the North Shore.

You can chat more with us at these locations from 11am - 2pm on the following days:

Date Location
April 6 North Vancouver City Library
April 7  North Vancouver City Library
April 20 City of North Vancouver 'Earth Day' event at Moodyville Park
April 21 Lynn Valley Library
May 4 Capilano Library
May 5  Capilano Library
May 10  Parkgate Library
May 11  Parkgate Library


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