Gallant Avenue storm sewer replacement

Map showing the location of the storm sewer being replaced

To help reduce the risks of flooding, we are replacing the storm sewer along Gallant Avenue in Deep Cove next summer.

The existing storm sewer — which was subject to flooding in 2014 and 2018 — must be replaced due to the increasingly heavy storms caused by our changing climate. When complete, the new sewer will be able to handle a one-in-200-year flood, help mitigate debris flows (branches, mud, and rocks that can block sewers), and provide an improved habitat for fish in the inlet.

Managing the impacts of construction

Replacing the storm sewer requires significant excavation of upper Gallant Avenue, which will disrupt traffic and parking in the area. In addition, we will need to do most of the construction during the dry summer months when creek levels are at their lowest.

To minimize disruption to businesses and residents, survey crews are in the area now to investigate options for temporary traffic detours that will maintain traffic flow as much as possible. At the same time, we are assessing options that might make Deep Cove more liveable in the long term.

We will share more details once these investigations are complete.

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