Gallant Avenue storm sewer replacement

Map showing the location of the storm sewer being replaced

To help reduce the risks of flooding, we are replacing the storm sewer along Gallant Avenue in Deep Cove starting in the early spring of 2021.

The existing storm sewer — which was subject to flooding in 2014 and 2018 — must be replaced due to the increasingly heavy storms caused by our changing climate. When complete, the new sewer will be able to handle a one-in-200-year flood, help mitigate debris flows (branches, mud, and rocks that can block sewers), and provide an improved habitat for fish in the inlet.

We expect the project to be completed by late summer or early fall of 2021.

Current traffic impacts

We expect construction to begin in early spring of 2021. We will provide regular updates on construction and traffic here once work begins.

Detours during construction

Replacing the storm sewer requires significant excavation of upper Gallant Avenue, which will disrupt traffic and parking in the area. 

To ensure the safe and efficient flow of cars, bikes, and pedestrians in and out of Deep Cove, we will create a detour by temporarily opening and extending approximately 100 metres of the Naughton Avenue right-of-way between Panorama Drive and Deep Cove Road. 

This will allow us to create a short, counter-clockwise one-way loop, as shown here.

Map of construction detour route around Gallant Ave

Temporarily opening Naughton Avenue

A temporary detour using Naughton Avenue is the safest and most effective way to minimize disruption to Deep Cove residents and businesses throughout construction. By temporarily opening Naughton Avenue, we can:

  • avoid single lane alternating traffic through the work zone, which would result in heavy delays exiting Deep Cove during the busy summer season
  • avoid a circuitous detour through the surrounding neighbourhood and elementary school
  • improve the safety and performance of the Panorama/Gallant intersection by streamlining traffic
  • ensure emergency response vehicles have direct access into and out of Deep Cove

The Naughton Avenue detour is temporary. However, after the storm sewer construction is underway, we will be looking to the community for direction on options for its future use. Some options to consider could include (but are not limited to) converting it to multi-use pathway, leaving it as a vehicle link, or reverting it back to green space. We are committed to consulting the wider Deep Cove community before making any decisions.   

Evaluation of options 

Other construction detour options were evaluated to preserve the efficient flow of traffic into, out of, and within Deep Cove during the storm sewer project including:

  1. Single lane alternating traffic on upper Gallant
  2. Clockwise or counter-clockwise one-way loop along Cliffmont, past Cliffmont Elementary and along Rockcliff
  3. One-way loop into and out of Deep Cove on a new Naughton Avenue extension, connecting Deep Cove Road to Naughton Avenue (the chosen option)

We assessed each option for pedestrian and cyclist safety, traffic flow and delay, and traffic and transit operation. Vehicle, cyclist, and pedestrian counts were taken at several locations throughout Deep Cove and used to simulate mobility and delay. We also evaluated impacts to transit service and assessed each route for operational issues such as road widths and turning radius.

The single lane alternating option on Gallant was eliminated because it would cause gridlock exiting Deep Cove for residents, transit, and visitors.

The Cliffmont/Rockcliff route was eliminated because of pedestrian safety close to the elementary school, excessive delays along the entire route, road width and turning radii challenges for vehicles, and extensive impacts to transit service and routing.

The Naughton Avenue extension has minimal impact to traffic flow, is the safest option for pedestrians, has very minimal impact on transit service, and has sufficient width to accommodate traffic safely.

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