Highway construction and planting permit

You need a permit or District approval if you want to:

  • build a fence, planter box, retaining wall, ornamental lighting, or benches
  • install any hard surface that does not absorb water (other than replacing an existing driveway)
  • install anything that alters the natural grade
  • put up decorative street numbers or signs
  • plant a bush, shrub, ornamental plant, or ground cover that is likely to be taller than 0.9 metres
  • plant a tree or hedge
  • make changes to or build a new driveway, walkway, or stairs
  • install or replace a culvert
  • install or decommission boreholes or monitoring wells

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How to apply

To apply for a Highway Construction and Planting Permit, download the appropriate application form and submit it, along with any additional required documents, to eng@dnv.org.


The fee for this permit is $100.

Application forms, checklists, documents

General construction and gardening

For boulevard or landscaping work, driveway changes, or culvert changes, submit this application form:

Construction and planting application form

Not the homeowner? You'll also need to submit this form:

Authorization to represent the owner

Boreholes and monitoring wells

For boreholes or monitoring wells, submit this application form and any other required documents: