Improving our cycling network

We're working to provide a safe and efficient cycling network for people of all ages and abilities across the District.

By reducing the number of trips made by car, we can mitigate the impacts of climate change caused by carbon emissions, help lessen traffic congestion, and nurture healthier, safer communities.

Learn how we're enhancing opportunities to cycle in the District now, while building a complete and connected cycling network.

DNV Cycles 

Bike lanes currently being installed

Here are current infrastructure projects where budget has been available to include bike lane improvements.

Lynn Valley Road northeast (uphill)

We are installing a bike lane along Lynn Valley Road, between Mountain Highway and Kilmer Road in the northeast direction (uphill). We anticipate work will start in mid-2021 after public engagement with the community is complete.

How we prioritize cycling infrastructure

Installing large stretches of bike lanes at one time is not feasible, given the realities of municipal budgets and resources.

Instead, we evaluate all upcoming road improvement projects — both large and small — looking for opportunities to include new bike infrastructure where individual project budgets allow (the bike lanes on and around the new Keith Road and Montroyal bridges are examples of this approach).

Because of the project-by-project approach we take to building bike lanes, new lanes don't always connect to existing lanes, nor do they always lead to our most popular destinations.

While this may be true in the short term, over time, these individual sections will begin to knit together into a complete system, as we continue including lanes in our infrastructure and road improvement projects.

Read more about how we plan bike lanes, on our blog

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