Lynn Valley Road Active Transportation – Phase 1

We are making upgrades along Lynn Valley Road between Mountain Highway and Peters Road to improve active transportation infrastructure throughout the corridor.

This project will improve comfort and safety, whether you walk, cycle, or take transit. This stretch of Lynn Valley Road is part of a key connection to both regional and local parks and also links residents to the wider community. 

The stretch of Lynn Valley Road from Peters Road to Dempsey Road received Council’s approval in March 2022 to proceed to engaging with the public to inform potential future improvements. In the coming months, we will reach out to people who live in the area and to those who walk, bike, roll, drive or take public transit along this upper part of Lynn Valley Road.

Our goal is to create a street design that is safer and more comfortable for everyone, and balances the needs of all road users and the local community.

News and updates

March 7, 2022 — Phase 1 approved for construction

Council approved Lynn Valley Road Active Transportation Project Phase 1 to proceed to construction, which is anticipated to start in summer 2022.  

September 22, 2021

This project, which was set to begin construction this year, has been put on hold. 

July 28, 2021 — Community information meeting

We hosted a Lynn Valley Road Active Transportation Improvement Project community information meeting on July 28. Watch the staff presentation and question and answer session in the video below. 


Read a summary of questions and comments received and responses provided during the July 28 information meeting.

Late summer or fall 2021 — Start of work

Concrete works and intersection improvements will commence later this summer or fall. Construction will resume in spring 2022 for installation of the cycle lanes with final line painting.

Details & drawings

A plan to improve active transportation

Did you know Lynn Valley Road is a designated arterial road with the primary purpose of moving people by walking, rolling, cycling, taking transit, or driving? To improve the safety and comfort for all roads users, Phase 1 of this project includes:

  • New painted cycling lanes on both sides of the road with precast concrete barriers in key locations 
  • Upgraded transit stops to be more accessible and comfortable
  • Two new designated parking pockets
  • Short-term loading zones on intersecting side streets
  • Upgraded crossings with concrete curb bulges and new traffic signal at Allan Road
  • Commercial loading zone for Maple Leaf Garden Centre deliveries 

The next phase of this project between Peters Road to Dempsey will occur at a later date. 

Work area

A rendering of the Lynn Valley Road Active Transportation Project.

Phase 1 design drawings 



Originally planned for 2019, this project was postponed to incorporate a more comprehensive approach to active transportation that includes improvements to walking, cycling, and transit infrastructure.

The road design was finalized after District-wide consultation in September 2020, staff review and Council support. For results of the public consultation, information on how we prioritize cycling infrastructure, and our vision for the future, please visit

This project is supported by a number of policy documents endorsed by Council:

The project is also aligned with our greenhouse gas reduction goals as outlined in the Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP) to become a more energy-efficient community.

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