Montroyal Bridge

The new Montroyal Bridge over Mosquito Creek provides a more efficient commute through the northwest portion of the District, and offers safer options for walking and cycling,

With a budget of $8.4 million, it was fully funded by the District, and was completed in September, 2018.

News and updates

September, 2018 — Bridge complete

The new bridge is now finished and the trails below it are reopened. Thank you for your patience as we completed this important work.

June 13, 2018 — Traffic moved onto the new bridge

We have moved both lanes of traffic over to the new bridge. Work can now begin to dismantle the temporary detour bridge, and complete the new bike lanes and sidewalks.

March 21, 2018 — Concrete deck surface

Crews have installed the poured concrete deck surface for the new bridge. Later, they'll add a waterproof membrane, and over that will go asphalt, to complete the driving surface.

January 24, 2018 — Girder installation

The new bridge reached a major milestone this week, as six 40-metre girders were trucked up to the site and lowered into place by crane. Each of the girders weighs the equivalent of 10 elephants, and combined, are equal to the weight of two blue whales. You can see images and video of the girder installation in the 'drawings, photos, video' tab.

December 14, 2017 — Pile driving now complete

Construction of the new bridge is underway and making good progress. With pile driving now complete, the new bridge structure will start to take shape over the coming weeks. We remain on track for completion in summer 2018.

October 13, 2017 — Demolition underway

With the new, temporary detour bridge now in place, crews have begun demolishing the old bridge. This is the last step before construction of the new bridge begins.

September 8, 2017 — Temporary bridge opened

The temporary bridge installed next to the existing bridge is now open in both directions. This allows us to begin demolishing the old bridge in the coming weeks.

July 6, 2017 — Temporary bridge installation

Work began on the installation of a temporary bridge next to the existing bridge. This temporary bridge will allow us to maintain traffic flow and access for emergency vehicles while the new, permanent bridge is being constructed.

March 30, 2017 — Construction to begin week of April 10

The contract for construction has now been awarded, and work crews will begin mobilizing on site the week of April 10. Once construction begins, we will keep the "Traffic impacts" tab updated with real-time information about potential lane closures and other delays, or watch for updates on Twitter (#montroyal). 

January 24, 2017 — Bids for construction now being accepted

We are accepting bids for construction until the end of January, 2017. After we evaluate the bids, we will award the contract, and construction can begin. The first step in construction will be to create the detour directly north of the existing bridge.

November 14, 2016 — Detailed design work now complete

We spent the summer working with consultants and utility providers, and consulting local residents, to complete the detailed design for both the bridge, and the road approaching the bridge. The design is now complete (view a render of the final design in the 'Renderings and photos' tab).

We will begin accepting construction bids from seven pre-qualified general contractors in December, 2016.

May 10, 2016 — Construction work delayed until late 2016

Construction has been delayed until late 2016. The bridge was originally planned to be ‘design build,’ which means that one team would carry out both the design and construction. Now, the detailed design will be completed by an independent design team, and then put out to tender sometime in the fall for construction.

There are many challenging aspects to this project, and the delay will allow the design team more time to develop the best value solutions to the District.

The delay also helps avoid compounding traffic disruptions from other construction projects scheduled this summer, including the paving of Capilano Road, development projects in Edgemont Village area, and works on West Queens Road.

February 22, 2016 — Work begins on the new bridge

Early site preparation for the new bridge started this week, with the removal of trees along the north and south sides of Montroyal Blvd. This was necessary to allow for a wider road, and to accommodate the installation of a temporary detour bridge just north of the existing bridge.

Drawings, photos, videos

Construction photos

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Timelapse video (girder installation)

On January 23, 2018, we reached a major milestone as six 40-metre girders weighing 119,000 pounds each were hoisted into place.

Bridge rendering

Final design of the bridge, October 2016.

Rendering of new bridge on Montroyal


Estimated construction schedule

We anticipate construction to begin in spring 2017, and be completed in about one year. Here is a general construction schedule, which we will update as more information becomes available.

  • December, 2016 — Begin accepting construction bids from seven pre-qualified general contractors
  • January, 2017 — Deadline to receive bid submissions from contractors
  • Spring, 2017 — Begin construction, starting with the detour directly north of the existing bridge
  • Summer, 2018 — Open the new bridge and remove the detour, and complete finishing works (such as landscaping)

Features of the new bridge

Once completed, the new, wider bridge will provide better options for walking, cycling, and safe driving. It will include:

  • two lanes of traffic
  • sidewalks and bike lanes on both sides
  • a new sidewalk on the north side of Montroyal Blvd (from the bridge west to Palisade Drive)
  • new street lighting


How this project was prioritized

The District’s Asset Management Plan (AMP) for Bridges profiles the Montroyal Bridge Replacement Project as one of our top infrastructure replacement priorities. The project was fast tracked after the AMP was completed due to results from the bridge’s re-inspection and capacity assessment.

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