Parking in the District

General parking regulations

We regulate parking in the District to ensure that all of our streets remain safe and accessible to residents, businesses, and visitors. 

Understand the rules to avoid potential tickets

Here are some of the more common reasons people can receive a ticket in the District:

  • parking too close to:
    • an intersection or corner (11 meters required)
    • a stop sign or crosswalk (6 meters required)
    • a fire hydrant (5 meters required)
    • a driveway (2 meters required)
    • a lane (3 meters required)
  • leaving a trailer unattached on a highway
  • parking your vehicle in one place for over 72 hours
  • parking, standing, or stopping in a no stopping zone

View the street and traffic bylaw

Driving in school zones

If you drive your children to school, please:

  • obey the speed limit in school zones: 30 km/h from 8:00am to 5:00pm on school days
  • do not to stop, stand, or park beside a yellow curb, within 6 meters of a crosswalk, or in a no-stopping zone
  • be courteous to the residents of the surrounding areas, and avoid blocking or impeding access to their driveways
  • do not stop or stand in a no-parking zone for more than 5 minutes while dropping off or picking up children 

Parking recreational vehicles in residential zones

There are restrictions regarding when and where you can park a recreational vehicle or boat in residential zones:

  • April 1 to November 1 — You can store your recreational vehicle or boat anywhere on your property, for up to 30 days
  • November 2 to March 31 — You can store your recreational vehicle or boat on the portion of your property shown in grey in this diagram

A graphic showing where you can park your RV

Read the full regulation in the zoning bylaw (Section 411)

Reporting a violation

If you have concerns about a recreational vehicle or boat stored in your neighbourhood, you can report it if:

  • you live within 100 meters of the property
  • you provide your contact information (we do not act on anonymous reports)

Report your bylaw concern

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