Resident parking only and resident exempt zones

Due to safety precautions related to COVID, we’re implementing a new process so you can renew or apply for an on-street parking permit in resident parking only or resident exempt zones without having to come to the District Hall.

What is a resident parking only zone?

Resident Parking Only (RPO) zones are on-street areas that only residents whose vehicles are registered to an address within that designated RPO zone can park with a District-issued permit for up to 72 hours.

Non-residents are not permitted to park within the RPO zone at any time.

What is a resident exempt zone?

Resident Exempt (RE) zones are areas where residents whose vehicles are registered to an address within that zone are exempt from the existing time restrictions for up to 72 hours.

Non-residents are permitted to park within the RE zone in accordance with the posted time restrictions.

How to apply

If you live on a street where parking is Resident Parking Only (RPO), or Resident Exempt (RE), you can apply for your permit and decals online.

Email the following information to

  • A photo of your valid drivers licence and complete first page of your current vehicle registration. Both pieces must have your current address on them.
  • Your phone number.

Once the paperwork is verified, you will receive an email with information about next steps. When all steps are complete, your decals will be mailed to you.

Annual decals and visitor passes

Annual decals and visitor passes are available for purchase at the beginning of December for the following years for most areas, except for non-District residents in Belcarra and Electoral Area A residents.

We do not send reminder notices.


For questions about resident exempt or resident parking only decals, please contact our Engineering Services Department:

  • Phone 604-990-2450 (8:00am – 4:00pm, Monday to Friday)
  • Email

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