Spirit Trail Eastern Extension

Planning and design work is well underway on the Spirit Trail's eastern extension, which will provide a continuous active transportation connection linking key destinations and neighbourhoods east of the Seymour River once completed.

This planning work began after Council approved a five-year Capital Plan in April 2023 that includes $20 million to continue building the Spirit Trail.

The Spirit Trail Eastern Extension will be a multi-year effort that connects a series of separate projects delivered on individual timelines. Some segments will be constructed soon, while some segments will take longer as they are either technically challenging or require further discussion with neighbourhoods.

The designs of each project will reflect the local conditions, setting, and topography.

Planned route

Work will focus on a route south of Mount Seymour Parkway as it presents the best opportunity to connect more neighbourhoods and destinations.

This southern alignment of the route also more closely meets the original vision for the Spirit Trail as it’s more accessible, at a lower elevation, and closer to the water.

The 2013 Spirit Trail Route Planning report also includes a route north of Mount Seymour Parkway. The northern route will still be developed and implemented as low-cost opportunities arise. For example, some wayfinding signage between Parkgate and Deep Cove has already been completed.

A map of the Sprit Trail Eastern Extension, with the route starting in Deep Cove and winding all the way to the Seymour River. The map indicates that design and planning are underway for Whey-ah-Wichen (Cates Park), Roche Point Trail and Seymour River to

Cycling infrastructure improvements

In support of the Spirit Trail, improvements to cycling infrastructure on Mount Seymour Parkway are planned to begin in 2024, to provide more separation between vehicles and bicycles.

Improved safety and comfort for cyclists along Mount Seymour Parkway will provide better connectivity to and from individual Spirit Trail Eastern Extension segments as they are completed over time.

Getting started

We expect to start construction on the trail segment between the Seymour River and Berkley Road in late 2024 or early 2025.

Topographic surveys, as well as tree, environmental, and archaeological assessments, are all underway for this section. Similar work is also underway for a Cates Park/Whey-ah-Wichen segment and a segment connecting Dollarton Highway to the Parkgate area through Roche Point Trail.

In early 2024, prior to the start of work, we'll be advertising opportunities for you to learn more and provide your feedback.

Spirit Trail background

In 2007, the District, City of North Vancouver, and District of West Vancouver, the North Shore Spirit of BC Committee, and other organizations collaborated on a proposal for a trail that would connect Horseshoe Bay to Deep Cove.

When completed, the Spirit Trail will provide a 45-kilometre trail stretching across the North Shore, from Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay and then on to Bowen Island’s Tunstall Bay.

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Shane Devine
Senior Project Manager
Spirit Trail Eastern Extension Project

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