Summer parking in Deep Cove

To keep the streets of Deep Cove safe and enjoyable for everyone this summer — and protect the surrounding trail ecosystem — we are regulating car and tour bus traffic in the village.

Should you visit Deep Cove today?

Park Rangers will be on site all summer, monitoring parking availability and trail access, and tweeting regular status updates. 

Before you head out, we strongly recommend you follow us on Twitter (#DNVParks). Depending on parking and trail availability that day, you may wish to postpone your visit until there's a less busy day, when you're likely to enjoy your visit more.

Please note that Quarry Rock in Deep Cove is currently closed.

Real-time park updates (weekends and busy periods) 

What you should know before you go

If you're planning to visit these popular destinations, please review the parking and access information on this page before you go, to avoid disappointment.

Parking in the village

There is very limited on-street parking in the village, and what few spaces there are are in very high demand. There are several parking lots in the village, but during the summer, they tend to fill up early in the day, and remain full all day.

This makes parking in the village a potentially time consuming and frustrating experience.

For your enjoyment, we recommend using an alternate form of transportation to come to Deep Cove, such as public transit or bicycle, or considering carpooling with friends or family. 

If you do need to bring your car, here are your off-street parking options:

  • Three-hour parking — The large parking lot on the east side of Panorama Drive is limited to three-hour parking, and is strictly enforced.
  • Overflow parking  Available from July 1 through August 28, 2022, these school parking lots offer day parking, but also fill quickly, especially during the weekends. 
    • Cove Cliff Elementary
    • Seycove Secondary (weekdays 9 am to 6pm, weekends 7am to 7pm)
  • Myrtle Park — Both Myrtle Park lots are available for parking if the village and overflow lots are full, but these lots also fill quickly in the summer.

Bus access to Deep Cove

Large tour buses are prohibited from stopping or parking anywhere in the village, and are not permitted to stop or park on surrounding neighbourhood streets. Any bus stopping in the village will be subject to a $500 fine.

Is your local school or non-profit group planning to arrive on a bus? You can request a temporary bus access permit that allows you to bring your bus to the village. Apply for your bus permit now.

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