About Fire and Rescue Services

We deliver diverse services, support, and programs to our community, including firefighting, emergency response, emergency rescues, and fire prevention education and awareness. 

Shared services across the North Shore

We work closely with the North Vancouver City Fire Department and West Vancouver Fire and Rescue to provide consistent fire and rescue services to residents across the North Shore. Collaborating helps us reduce costs and improve community safety with faster response times, more resources, and enhanced services. 

Our specialized training

We ensure that our emergency response teams are equipped to serve the commmunity in any capacity, by offering ongoing training programs.

Autism awareness

We are the second service in Canada to complete a specialized training program that helps fire fighters deal more effectively during emergencies with people who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive behaviours.

The specialized Autism Awareness training for all 130 DNVFRS personnel was developed in partnership with Canucks Autism Network (CAN) of Vancouver.

The program:

  • educates fire fighters about ASD
  • educates fire fighters in ways to identify a person with ASD
  • increases fire fighters’ awareness of how an emergency incident involving a person with ASD can differ from regular calls
  • teaches fire fighters techniques and strategies to use when responding to an incident involving a person with ASD

Our safety and education programs

We have a number of programs that help reduce the potential for loss of life and property due to fire, and to enhance the safety of our community.   

Fire inspections

All commercial and mutli-family buildings in the District are inspected once a year by our Fire Prevention Office to ensure they meet all necessary fire safety regulations. 

Fire investigations

Our Fire Prevention office investigates all fires within the District to determine the cause. 

Smoke alarm installation program

Properly installed smoke alarms save lives and are critical in preventing fire-related deaths. Through our smoke alarm installation program, we provide and install smoke alarms and batteries to seniors and people with disabilities who are unable to perform this essential task for themselves.

Fire safety in our schools

We are proud to partner with local elementary schools to deliver fire safety programs to kindergarten and grade three students across the District. Our goal is to teach students lifelong fire safety habits, and to empower them to become fire safety advocates within their families. 

Our kindergarten program introduces students to basic Life and Fire Safety concepts, and provides an opportunity for them to meet our firefighters and to learn about our role in the community.

The grade three Fire and Life Safety House program reinforces the lessons learned during our initial kindergarten visit and introduces kitchen safety and emergency evacuations concepts to the kids

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