Carts, containers, and limits

You are required to use specific types and sizes of containers for your garbage, recycling, yard trimmings, and food scraps. 

By regulating the containers we accept, we can ensure they can be collected safely and efficiently by District crews.

Review this page to learn about:

  • the size, types, and number of containers you're allowed to use
  • where to get new or replacement containers

We transferred control of recycling collection services to Recycle BC on July 1, 2020. You can continue using your existing bins and bags, and use the DNVCollect app to track your recycling collection days. Learn more from Recycle BC.

Carts and limits for garbage and organics

Picture of new 140L and 240L garbage and organics carts with wheels and locking lids
District-supplied carts with wheels and locking lids (240L, left; 140L, right) for your garbage and organics (food scraps, and yard waste)

We supply residents with standard carts that have wheels and locking lids, in order to make garbage less accessible to animals, improve worker health and safety, and help reduce the amount of garbage going into area landfills.

You must use the 140L or 240L carts that we supply for your garbage and organics (food scraps and yard trimmings).

  • All of the waste you put out for collection must fit inside your carts
  • You cannot place extra bags out with the garbage
  • If you have yard trimmings in brown paper yard waste bags, you must place those bags inside your organics cart
  • Any bundles of twigs or sticks must also be placed inside your organics cart

The maximum allowable weight for full carts is 55kg (140L cart) or 100kg (240L cart).

Need more carts, or larger (or smaller) carts?

Use this form to request changes to your carts

Is your cart broken, or has it been lost or stolen?

Use this form to request repairs and report missing carts

Containers for recycling (blue box, grey box, yellow bag)

Photo of accepted recycling containers (blue box, grey box, yellow bag)

Recycle BC is responsible for your recycling service. They have contracted Emterra Environmental to do your regular curbside pick up. 

Do you need a new blue box, grey box, or yellow bag?

Contact Emterra at 778-589-3221 or

Do you have more recycling than you can fit in your containers?

Find out where to drop off your recycling

Do you have other questions about recycling?

If you have questions about collection zones, missed pick ups, holiday schedules, or recycling containers, please contact Emterra at 778-589-3221 or

You can also contact Recycle BC at 778-588-9504 or, or get more information on their website.


Living safely with wildlife

The District is home to a variety of wild animals, including skunks, raccoons, coyotes, cougars, and bears.

Whether they're searching for food, or looking for a warm place to call home, there are steps you can take to make your property less inviting to them.

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