Construction work near the forest

Are you doing construction work next to a park or forest? During the drier months when the fire danger rating is 'high' or 'extreme', the work you are allowed to do is restricted, to reduce the risk of accidentally starting a fire.

In addition to observing these restrictions, you must also complete and submit a fire mitigation checklist before the fire danger rating is 'high' or 'extreme', which you can download on this page.

All restrictions may be lifted when the fire danger rating returns to 'moderate' or 'low,' with a continued forecast for those ratings, or at the Fire Chief's discretion.

Doing construction work near a park or forest? Please read the instructions below and fill out and submit the checklist at the bottom of this page.

Current fire danger rating

A fire danger rating graphic with the arrow pointed to low. The other readings are moderate, high and extreme.

The current fire danger rating is LOW. 

What to do when the fire danger rating is high

When the fire danger rating is high, you must:

  • monitor the danger rating daily while you're working around a park or forest
  • modify actions and firefighting equipment to meet the needs of your high risk work
  • reassess preventive measures and prepare additional safety precautions for construction sites

What to do when the fire danger rating is extreme

When the fire danger rating is extreme, you must finish all high-risk construction activity around a park or forest by 5:00 pm, which includes:

  • preparing or using explosives, fireworks, or pyrotechnics
  • excavating, drilling, or grinding
  • welding, paving, or other hot works
  • using tools that create sparks or flames, including cutting tools
  • arrange fire watch procedures during the day
  • implement a minimum four-hour fire watch once construction is finished

Activities that are still permitted when the rating is extreme

When the fire danger rating is extreme, you can still:

  • work inside a structure
  • use non-powered hand tools
  • use heavy-duty equipment or small engines (as long as they're 10 m away from the forest interface)


Please contact your local fire department for more information about reducing the risk of fires while working near the forest.

Doing construction work? Fill out and submit this checklist

When the fire danger rating is 'high' or 'extreme', this interface construction risk mitigation checklist should be completed by a contractor or recognized industry professional.

Checklist requirements

You must keep both the interface construction risk management checklist and the construction fire safety plan on site and available for the fire department to view when requested.

You should have these documents prepared by a recognized industry professional, who will complete a site specific inspection and recommend preventative measures.

Recommended preventative measures may include:

  • reducing fuel
  • changing the moisture content of fuel
  • providing firefighting equipment or trained personnel
  • creating a designated smoking area

Complete the interface construction risk mitigation checklist below

I agree to include the preventative measures identified above into my construction site work during 'high' or 'extreme' fire hazard risk, in addition to the other site specific requirements identified in the construction fire safety plan as required by the BC Fire Code. 

I understand that I may be liable for the costs associated with wildfire suppression in the event of a fire resulting from my failure to comply.

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