District of North Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services

The District of North Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services (DNVFRS) is a mission-oriented emergency services agency focused on the safety and well-being of our community.

Our members provide caring and compassionate emergency, fire, and rescue services to citizens and visitors.

We deliver our services through an integrated approach that encompasses emergency response for fire, rescue, and life safety, as well as fire prevention and investigation.

Your DNVFRS at a glance

With over 130 firefighters, command, training, and support staff at five strategically located fire stations, we serve the District's 160 square kilometers of urban and wilderness land, and our 82,500 residents.

Infographic of fire services: 5 fire stations, 1 training centre, 120 firefighters, 7 command staff

Part of a regional fire and emergency system

We are part of a regional fire and emergency services system, working alongside West Vancouver Fire Rescue and North Vancouver City Fire departments under a shared services agreement.

As a participating agency, the DNVFRS has agreed, along with our two North Shore partners, to eliminate jurisdictional borders for fire and rescue responses.

This system is a model within British Columbia and across Canada and provides a much higher level of service for citizens in the three participating municipalities.