How we conserve water

We work to reduce our water consumption in all our facilities, whenever possible. Here are some examples of our proactive approach to water conservation. 

Sprinkling in our parks 

We use a high-tech irrigation system to manage sprinkling in our parks. This cutting-edge system monitors current weather conditions and automatically shuts off when it rains. It has a leak detection function allowing us to respond quickly when repairs are required. 

Golf course water use plans

We worked with local golf courses to create water use plans that reduce their water consumption, while allowing them to maintain their high-quality greens. By implementing modified watering schedules, encouraging the planting of drought-resistant grasses, and assisting with the detection, maintenance and repair of their irrigation systems, we're helping golf courses throughout the District use only what they need. 

Elementary school water conservation play

We support the water conservation themed play "H2 Woah" which is performed every second year for elementary schools across the North Shore. The play provides students with tips on conserving water at home and encourages them to talk about water conservation with their families.

Learn more about H2 Woah 

Proactive leak detection

Our proactive leak detection program continually monitors our water system to look for leaks. We use night flow analysis and noise loggers to help us quickly and efficiently detect potential leaks.

Night flow analysis flags increases in nighttime water flow (when flow should be low) and indicates where there may be leaks. Noise loggers help us detect leaks in our water system by detecting the sound of a leak. Once a leak is detected, crews can locate it and quickly repair it.

Did you know? Our proactive leak detection system saves us over 220 million litres of water per year. That is the equivalent of 88 ten-lane Olympic-size swimming pools!

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