Outdoor burning restrictions

To protect air quality and prevent the spread of fire, open fires are not allowed in the District.

This includes fires on the ground — such as campfires — as well as fires in containers, even those containers commonly sold in local stores.

Open fires may be allowed with a special occasion permit from the Fire Chief, under the condition that these fires do not cause nuisance with smoke or fumes. All specially permitted fires must be under constant supervision with fire extinguisher on site.

 Charcoal and propane-fueled barbecues are currently permitted at District parks, beaches and recreation areas.

Current fire danger rating


A fire danger rating graphic with the arrow pointed to low. The other readings are moderate, high and extreme.

The current fire danger rating is LOW.

Outdoor burning rules

Here are the fires you can and can't have:

These fires are permitted at residential properties 

  • burner (natural gas or propane)
  • outdoor gas fire bowl
  • gas barbecue
  • charcoal barbecue 
  • patio heater (natural gas or propane)

*Be sure to review our Fire Bylaw (below) before purchasing any cooking or heating equipment for your home. Some devices are prohibited in the District. 

These open fires are not permitted (minimum $400 fine)

  • beach/park fire *
  • fire pit
  • outdoor pizza oven *
  • chiminea
  • outdoor fire place
  • fire bowl/yard campfire

* unless by permit

Learn more and apply for a permit

To learn more about outdoor burning rules in the District, and get an application form for a permit, review the complete Fire Bylaw (Bylaw #8511).

Download the Fire Bylaw
Download the permit

Submit completed permits for review to fireadmin@dnv.org


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