Pay your taxes monthly

You can prepay next year’s property taxes with automatic monthly withdrawals from your bank account, if you have fully paid the current year's taxes. 

You'll make 10 monthly installments instead of one lump sum payment, and you'll earn tax-free simple interest on your pre-payments.

How payments are calculated

You have two options for how you would like us to calculate your monthly payments.

Automatic yearly recalculation of prepayments

Your monthly installment amount is calculated from your most recent property tax notice, plus 5%, net of credit balances and the Home Owner Grant claimed.

That total is divided into 10 equal monthly prepayments, which will be deducted from your bank account on the first business day of the month from August to May. Installment amounts are automatically recalculated each year.

Fixed monthly prepayments

You determine the amount of your monthly fixed prepayment, which will be deducted from your bank account on the first business day of the 10-month period beginning in August and ending in May.

The minimum monthly installment amount is $25.00. The total payments made under this option may not exceed the estimate of next year’s property taxes.

Apply now

To apply to pay your taxes monthly, fill in an application form. Submit the application form and a VOID cheque, to the Revenue and Taxation Department of District Hall.

Already paying your taxes monthly? You do not need to apply again. Your monthly payments will automatically resume in August.

Download the tax and utility prepayment plan authorization form

To be eligible, your current year property taxes must be paid in full. Authorization requests received after July 20 will require you to pay the balance owing on the tax due date.

Despite being on the plan there may be a balance owing on the annual Property Tax Notice. This balance will not be automatically withdrawn from your bank account, and must be paid when due.

Change or cancel your plan

if you are selling your property, be sure to cancel your prepayment plan. We require 10 days notice of changes of cancelations.

Download the prepayment change/cancel form

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