Tips to help you conserve water

There are plenty of simple changes you can make around your home to help conserve water.  

Inside your home

Whether you're installing low flow toilets, replacing your appliances with high efficiency models, or simply turning your taps off when you brush your teeth, there are plenty of simple water-saving changes you can make around your house to ensure you're only using what you need.

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Your lawn and garden

Our water use peaks during the warm summer months, and a significant amount of that demand is being driven by lawncare. Here are some water-wise lawn care and gardening approaches that are easy to follow.

Lawn sprinkling

You can help reduce our water consumption during the high-demand summer months by watering your lawn less. Did you know that one hour of sprinkling per week is all your lawn needs to stay healthy?

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Drought-resistant gardening

Fill your yard with drought resistant plants. This type of planting is called xeriscaping and it involves replacing more water-dependent plants with those that flourish in low moisture environments.

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Irrigation systems

Install an irrigation system with a rain sensor and set it to automatically turn on and off during your designated sprinkling times. The rain sensor will make sure the system shuts off when it begins to rain.  ​

Calculate your household water consumption

Curious about how much water your household uses? Find out with the Home Water Works online calculator. The water calculator estimates your water use and provides helpful tips on where you can conserve at home.

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Did you know? Each year we save 400 million litres of water thanks to the summer lawn sprinkling regulations. That's equivalent to 160 ten-lane Olympic-size swimming pools!

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