Where to drop off your recycling

Many items that aren't accepted in curbside recycling programs can still be recycled if you drop them off at designated locations. 

Review guidelines from Recycle BC for items you can put in your curbside recycling

North Shore Recycling and Waste Centre (formerly North Shore Transfer Station)

You can drop off your recyclables at the recycling area at the North Shore Recycling and Waste Centre, which accepts a large range of recyclables.

Learn more about the centre and get directions

Estimate your costs before you go

Metro Vancouver recycling and waste centres offer a range of free or paid recycling services. Their online cost estimator can help you estimate the cost to recycle accepted materials. Actual costs are based on the weight of materials, which is determined by weighing your vehicle as it enters the centre, and again as it leaves.

Estimate recycling and disposal costs

Designated drop-off centres

Here are the items you can safely recycle by bringing them to designated drop-off centres throughout the North Shore:

  • plastic foam packaging
  • plastic bags
  • overwrap
  • refundables
  • small appliances
  • electronics
  • light bulbs and fixtures
  • motor oil and antifreeze
  • medications
  • tires
  • paint and pesticide
  • batteries

For more information, visit the Recycling Council of BC webpage, where you can get answers to specific questions by search, phone, text, chat, or email

Living safely with wildlife

The District is home to a variety of wild animals, including skunks, raccoons, coyotes, cougars, and bears.

Whether they're searching for food, or looking for a warm place to call home, there are steps you can take to make your property less inviting to them.

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