Wildfire home hazard assessment

To help protect your home from the risk of wildfires, District of North Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services (DNVFRS) is offering an in-depth fire safety home assessment through the FireSmart Home Partners program. Anyone who lives in the wildland urban interface (the area where the forest meets the community) can request this free service.

If you're in the District’s Wildfire Hazard Development Permit Area (DPA), professionally trained Wildfire Mitigation Specialists from DNVFRS will visit your home to perform an in-depth FireSmart home assessment. While walking around your home with you, they will point out any areas where you can reduce the risks of a fire jumping from the forest to your home.

The specialist will create a professional, customized report for you with a road map of specific preventative actions to take. When you meet all mitigation requirements,you will receive a mitigation certificate for meeting the FireSmart guidelines on your property. 

Apply on the FireSmart website, and a program coordinator will contact you to set up an appointment for your free assessment.

Protecting your home from wildfires

Studies show that during a wildfire, many homes ignite due to the condition of the house and the surrounding vegetation. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to reduce the chances of your home catching fire. 

For instance, adding a non-combustible roof gives your home a 70% chance of surviving a wildfire, and if you also manage the vegetation within a 10-metre radius following FireSmart recommendations, the survival rate for your home jumps to 90%. 

WATCH | Learn the FireSmart techniques that will increase the chances that your home survives a wildfire

About the FireSmart program

The FireSmart Canada program is designed to empower the public and increase community resilience to wildfire across Canada. 

The goal of the FireSmart program is to reduce the wildfire risk to property, infrastructure and public safety in the Canadian wildland/urban interface by helping communities become fire adapted. 

From landscaping best practices to fire-resilient building materials, learning what you can do today to protect against wildfires can save homes and lives tomorrow.

FireSmart Canada Neighbourhood Recognition Program (FCNRP)

FireSmart Canada developed the FCNRP to officially recognize neighbourhoods that have taken critical steps to reduce their vulnerabilities to wildfire.

Learn more about the criteria at the FireSmart website

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