Water restrictions and lawn sprinkling permits

Metro Vancouver imposes summer lawn sprinkling restrictions for everyone from May 15 to October 15.

Here are the days and times you can sprinkle your lawn during these summer restrictions.

On Monday, April 23, 2018, Council will consider a new drinking water conservation bylaw that will be consistent with Metro Vancouver's new drinking water conservation plan. Under Metro's new plan, the dates that water restrictions go into effect will change, as will the days you are allowed to sprinkle your lawn. Review Metro's new plan.

Residential lawns

  • Even-numbered street addresses — Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays (4am to 9am)
  • Odd-numbered street addresses — Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays (4am to 9am)

Non-residential lawns

  • Even-numbered street addresses — Mondays, Wednesdays (1am to 6am)
  • Odd-numbered street addresses — Tuesdays, Thursdays (1am to 6am)
  • All street addresses — Fridays (4am to 9am)

Learn more about the restrictions and get tips for being waterwise, on Metro's website

Applying for a lawn sprinkling permit

If you are applying nematodes to your lawn to treat a chafer beetle infestation, or you are installing a new lawn, you may qualify for a lawn sprinkling permit, which allows you to water your lawn outside of the times specified in the restrictions. The permit allows you to water every day of the week between 4am and 9am.

A permit costs $30 and is good for 21 days. The fee is waived if you show that you have purchased nematodes.

Learn more about controlling chafer beetles

Download the lawn sprinkling application form