Lynn Valley Road / Highway 1 Underpass

To help alleviate traffic congestion and improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians, Bosa Development is upgrading the Lynn Valley Road/Highway 1 underpass.

The upgrades will improve road capacity leaving Lynn Valley Town Centre (southbound Lynn Valley Road), increase transit reliability and emergency response, and connect the new southbound Lynn Valley Road bike lanes at Mollie Nye to the new City of North Vancouver bike lanes south of Highway 1.

News and updates

Latest news

December 8, 2017 — Updated completion date

Construction of the new underpass and multi-use path is ongoing, however final paving will be delayed until warmer, drier weather resumes. The estimated completion for this project is Spring, 2018.


October 26, 2017 — Work resumes

Work on the underpass continues, along with curb and multiuse path construction on Lynn Valley Road, south of Sutherland Ave.

September 29, 2017 — Work delayed

Due to unforeseen and challenging soil conditions, construction on the main section of the underpass has been delayed. Multi-use path construction continues south of the overpass. 

July 25, 2017 — Construction begins

Construction on this project is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 24, 2017. 

February 1, 2017 — Public open house

We held an open house for residents in the immediate area, to review the benefits of the project, construction impacts, changes to the traffic patterns, road layout, bike lanes, and more. The project team, as well as staff from the District and City of North Vancouver, were available to answer questions.

Traffic impacts

Current status

Change in traffic pattern

To allow for the construction of a new retaining wall, the existing southbound lane of Lynn Valley Road will be closed at the underpass, and the northbound lanes will be reconfigured to accommodate one southbound lane of traffic.

This change will not impact northbound traffic, as the island between the north and southbound lanes has been removed and the road repaved to allow for the reconfiguration. 

However, note that, while left turns onto the Hwy 1 onramp from northbound Lynn Valley Road will still be permitted, the designated left-hand turn bay will be temporarily removed.

At the same time, the sidewalk on the north side of Lynn Valley Road will be closed, and the bus stop at Sutherland Avenue (#54017) will be removed for the duration of construction.

Managing traffic during construction

During construction, we will do everything we can to minimize traffic disruptions. Access in both directions, and to and from Hwy 1, will be maintained throughout construction. However, you should expect periodic sidewalk closures and other delays. 


Project features

The design concept has been developed by Bosa with input from the three stakeholders and approval authorities:

  • City of North Vancouver (CNV)
  • District of North Vancouver (DNV)
  • Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure (MOTI). 

Features of the project include:

  • a new southbound travel lane behind the bridge pier
  • a new southbound cycling connection and multi-use path behind the bridge pier
  • a continued bike lane connection from the Lynn Valley Road bike lane project (southbound direction only)
  • improvements to lighting, crosswalks, and pedestrian safety
  • modification to the Boulevard Crescent intersection at 21st St and Sutherland Avenue

Work area

Project funding

100% of the project is funded through Bosa Development Corp and the Community Amenity Contribution from the Lynn Valley Town Center development.

Learn more about Community Amenity Contributions 

Northbound cycling

Northbound cycling wasn't within the scope of Bosa's Community Amenity Contribution when the Lynn Valley Town Centre was rezoned.

However, we, along with the City of North Vancouver and Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, have identified this as a missing cycling link, and are investigating it as a future project.