Current and upcoming traffic, street, and safety improvements

We are doing significant ongoing work District-wide to improve transportation, transit, traffic, and road safety.

You can find our key road, safety, cycling, and pedestrian improvement projects on this map, or scroll down for an overview of other programs and studies currently underway.

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Additional improvements, programs, and studies

A bench at a bus stop

Transit infrastructure improvements

In January 2015, we signed a new Transit Shelter and Bench Agreement with Pattison Outdoor Advertising to install new benches and shelters at transit stops. Each year, accessibility improvements at transit stops are cost shared with annual partner funding.

A construction site surrounded by blue fencing

Construction traffic management

Council initiated the Construction Traffic Management Program in Fall 2014. Two full-time staff work to reduce construction-related congestion and the compounding effects of multiple projects in close proximity.

Car traffic on a street

Project delivery office

The Project Delivery Office was initiated in April 2015 to deliver major infrastructure in the District. With aging infrastructure and housing stock, large-scale municipal and regional infrastructure upgrades require dedicated staff to liaise with stakeholders and other jurisdictions.

Public square at Lynn Valley Library

Official Community Plan support

We completed two transportation studies in 2015. These studies include a detailed plan to accommodate all transportation modes, and to support development review in the town and village centres.

A push button for a crosswalk

Sustainment programs

This program replaces a portion of the transportation infrastructure annually. Ongoing replacement reduces maintenance costs, and maintains the aesthetics of District streets.

Get more details of our District-wide initiatives

We have created an easy-to-read, 15 page summary of all of our current and upcoming transportation projects across the District.

Download the 2015-2016 transportation summary

Learn more about our major traffic and infrastructure projects